100 pcs wholesale price Nepal glass bead bracelets For Boutiques, Shops and Fund Raising Events



Wholesale Bulk Nepal Bracelets 100 pcs bracelets in Wholesale price , Sell on Marketpalce (Etsy , Ebay and Amazon ) with 5 times more profit !!

Features :

  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Glass seed beads, cotton thread
  • 12 Randomly selected bracelets
  • Size: 7 inches (17.7 cm) easy to roll over most wrist sizes (One size fit most)
  • Gift-ready in a? bag


Our glass bead bracelets are hand made in Nepal by professional craft persons using high quality glass beads and cotton threads . These are hand crochet roll on bracelets beautifully design for unisex which are perfect gift for any occasions. We believe in customer satisfaction and our goals is to provide varieties of personalized Nepal glass bead bracelets to our customers in very affordable price .

These glass beaded bracelets could be very beneficial for selling in retail as there is high profit margin , could be used for charity and many more other purposes .

We can design glass beaded bracelets as per your choice as well .


In the online Nepali beaded arm jewelry advertise, there are different Nepali beaded wrist trinkets discount stores indicating diverse packaging sorts of the globules. They are produced using distinctive components that make them extraordinary and attractive on the planet.

Nepali Zinc beaded armlets.

In the Nepali beaded armlets discount showcase, a portion of the wrist trinkets are produced using zinc combinations. The organizations that make the wrist trinkets blend zinc with an alternate metal that shapes the zinc composite metal. Zinc combination is light and sparkly and looks great when cleaned. The dots are then provided to weavers who structure the armlets.

Copper beaded arm ornaments.

These arm ornaments globules are normally weaved utilizing copper dots. Because of the engaging darker shade of copper, globules are made at that point cleaned to make the wristbands. The metal is likewise light and would weigh less on the hand of the client. In different cases, the copper is blended with different metals to make a composite that would be utilized to make the dots for the adornments.

Tibetan silver.

Tibetan silver is a better sort of silver utilized than production gems. It contains around 90% of silver with 10% being different metals. It is normally light and sparkling when light sparkles on it. It is utilized to make gems because of its brilliant nature. Every one of these kinds of arm ornaments can be discovered online in the e-stores.

Nepal move on wrist trinkets.

Distinctive stores offer Nepal move on wrist trinkets on discount. Ladies in Nepal more often than not plan this sort of move on wrist trinkets by weaving. They are agreeable to put on and can be worn by ladies all things considered. They can be produced using diverse brilliant dots that make them look engaging.

Glass beaded wristbands.

Glass beaded wristbands from Nepal are woven from excellent glass dots that have distinctive hues. The glass material is gleaming when cleaned and is strong henceforth can keep going for long. Much of the time, the glass is reused then coated with a matte completion to make it look engaging. The glass dabs are woven well on a plastic line to hold them together.


The Nepal move on wristbands wholesalers, glass beaded armlets from Nepal and Nepal beaded arm jewelery wholesalers are advancing the distinctive employments of these arm ornaments. They were utilized in various conventional set us where ladies were required to wear the wrist trinkets.

Ladies utilized Nepal arm ornaments as an apparatus for correspondence. Ladies would wear the wristbands to convey their internal sentiments. They would wear splendid hues which would symbolize internal bliss and satisfaction. Now and again they could wear dull hues when in grave states of mind to impart the diverse back rubs using their dots. Every one of these hues can be found on online stores offering Nepal wrist trinkets on discount.

The diverse materials used to fabricate the wrist trinkets could be utilized to depict class. A few components like Tibetan silver would be favored by the well off since it would demonstrate their high economic wellbeing in the general public. Low-class part would go for the modest and low-quality material that they can figure out how to bear. The purchasers have a wide scope of components of the adornment which they can secure online at various costs.

Nepalese have a strong social foundation. Ladies would wear a trimming as a major aspect of imaginative practice. It was viewed as blessed to wear adornments of various hues at various minutes. These decorations were utilized as an image of love since Buddhist’s reign in the locale. In the antiquated times of Buddhists, they trusted that images would be utilized as an image of being a Buddha. Ladies would wear trimmings over their garments as an image of Buddha. The diverse hues worn by the ladies would have distinctive images. A model is the point at which a lady wears a Nepal glass dot, turquoise in shading, it is deciphered as an indication of assurance for the wearer when they are voyaging.

Nepal glass beaded arm ornaments would be utilized as a blessing. A lady would get it as a blessing from their cherished one amid their big day. It is typically an indication of adoration and association. The glass globules would be generally red which is seen as the indication of solidarity in the way of life. In the event that the lady is a widow, she is required by her religion to put off the adornments as a sign that she is no longer in any association.

Nepalese utilize their Bracelets to symbolize distinctive events. On upbeat events like weeding’s, they normally wear splendid hues like red which implies delight. The ladies would put on red Nepal arm ornaments to symbolize the occasion. In instances of miserable events like internment, the shade of decorations should change to white to express serious states of mind. In the nation shading is a helpful and essential device of correspondence.

Ladies would visit the Nepal beaded discount stores to utilize them for enhancing purposes. It is another pattern on the planet’s market which has seen the interest for the wrist trinkets go higher than it was ten years back. Ladies utilize diverse lively hues to support their outward presentation where its no longer a social practice to wear these dots yet for enrichment purposes. In the Nepalese culture, these dabs are additionally utilized for beautifying purposes and are the most dominating attribute that is being favored over the world.

Provider, exporter and producer of Nepali move on Beaded wrist trinket

The different estimations of these decorations and the renowned esteem they hold that makes them cherished on the planet. Their interest is high, and they guarantee to offer the best an incentive for cash on account of the tasteful nature. The decorations are exceptionally shoddy and high quality promising clients toughness of the articles of clothing. Nepal armlet wholesalers make the arm ornaments to be effectively gained by clients in various areas over the existence where a wide range of wrist trinkets are advertised.




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